Comprehensive Payment Services For Small Service Businesses

Now you can send instant invoices in 60 seconds and get 100% of your revenue. It's absolutely free. Sign up to get started today.


Finli helps small businesses get paid.

You focus on what you do best, and we’ll take on the administrative tasks that comes with running a business.

Made for small service-based businesses.

We understand the challenges of starting your own service business. We are founded by small service business owners ourselves. In our experience, getting  a small service business off the ground come down to 2 things - time & money.

At Finli, we understand your need for both.

That’s why our platform makes it easy to accept payments within seconds. You can send a one-time invoice or setup recurring payments for the regular customers for peace of mind. That way your money is taken care of and in your bank no matter what! You don't have time to chase payments or follow up on unpaid bills from weeks ago. You already have enough on your plate. Within Finli, service business owners can do what they do well - service their clients and work on growing their business

Studio Owners

CrossFit Studios, Cycling Studios, Fitness Studios and more. we've allowed them to scale their operation by simplifying their scheduling, setting up their students for automatic payments, and making reconciliation painless.


if you're an independent tutor or small tutoring company, we have helped hundreds of tutors become more official with our branded portal, grow  their revenue through subscription payments, and scale their operation with our time-solving features.

Dog Walkers/Trainer

We’ve taken the “side” out of side hustle for 100’s of dog walkers and trainers. We’ve given them the ability to accept digital payments, add credibility with branded payment portals, set up automatic payments for consistent clients, and even add scheduling to make their business a breeze.

Athletic Coaches

Independent coaches love Finli! We’ve given them the ability to accept digital payments, set up automatic payments for consistent clients, and even add scheduling to streamline their operational hiccups.


You’re on your own. We’ve been there! Finli gives soloprenuers the one thing they lack. TIME!
 We give solopreneurs the ability to improve organization, reduce mundane admin tasks, leverage scheduling and communication, and set up automatic payments to save time & grow revenue.


An absolutely no brainer. If you’re losing out on 3% when you invoice your clients, then you’re just wasting money. We help freelancers, among other things, reduce the 3% transaction fee that they’re charged on every invoice, to increase their net revenue. We also give them a variety of other features, including automatic payments to save time and scale their revenue.


Similar to freelancers, our consultants have knocked it out of the park with Finli. By setting up automatic payments and reducing their transaction fees from 3% to 0% they’re able to keep much more revenue in their pocket, allowing their businesses to scale up.

Business & Life Coaches

Another no brainer account. If you’re getting 97% of your revenue after transaction fees, you’re losing money. With Finli, business & life coaches get 100% of their revenue, and with the addition of automatic payments, they’re able to keep more of that money in their pocket, allowing their business to scale quicker.

3 ways Finli helps you grow

(NEW!) Instant Invoicing

Now you can sign up and send invoices for free in 60 seconds. Plus, you get 100% of your revenue with no transaction fee!

Recurring Billing

Create subscription and payment plans to have dependable, locked-in revenue freeing up more of your time and giving you peace of mind.

Meet Your Customers Online

Create an online storefront in less than five minutes where new and existing customers can find, pay and book you with ease.

Through Finli, we've been able to streamline payments, increase revenue, and offload the time consuming burden of payment collection.

Coach Wang
 Martial Arts Instructor


Users say that Finli helps organize their lead and client data in one place.


Users agree that Finli helps run their business more efficiently

Users saw an increase in clients by using Finli



If you’re looking for a way to organize your schedule we have you covered! We give you a branded schedule to allow users to choose a time that works best with your schedule. No more back and forth texting, calling, or double bookings.  Integrates with Google Calendar.


Accept digital payments for your services within minutes. If you’re still using Venmo, Zelle, or cash billing you can upgrade your ability to take business payments within minutes. This adds instant credibility.


Set it and forget it! once your customers or clients are set up on recurring invoicing you focus on your business and we will make sure to get you paid every time. Grow your revenue 5x faster with frictionless subscription plans. Forget the awkward follow up and never chase a late payment or send a reminder to pay again.


If you’re still using Venmo, Zelle, or cash to accept payments, you know how painful it is to reconcile who has paid you what. It’s an accounting nightmare. With Finli, we make reconciliations, reporting, and taxes a breeze.


Send a one-time invoice within seconds. Our instant invoicing now allows you to send it for free with 0% transaction fees! Save time and keep more of your money in the pocket


Now you can communicate directly with your customers from within our Portal, send emails to your customer for reminders, announcement, promotion, and more.

Allow customers to pay by invoice, online and through Finli mobile app.

Offer unlimited services and pricing plan: one-time, packaging, or recurring

Make reconciliation and payment tracking a breeze.

Using Finli is a No-Brainer. Don't overthink it!

Sign up for a free Finli account and  take your business to the next level. We offer a no-risk, no-hassle, no-reason-needed-to-cancel 30 day free trial. Once you find out how much you love Finli, its only $25/mo


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