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What kind of small businesses can I refer? 

Any business (or solopreneur) that collects payments on a recurring basis. This could be anyone from a tennis coach to an after school program to a dog walker to a designer!

Is there a limit on the number of small business owners I can refer? 

Nope! The more the merrier.  As long and they sign up and use Finli for payments, they're considered a referral.

When do I get my referral fee?

You will receive your referral bonus as soon as we collect the first invoiced payment for the business you referred!  

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Get $50, Give $50!

Refer small businesses you know that could benefit from Finli

Why they will love us

  • Affordable with no transaction costs for the business
  • Easy to use with mobile and desktop versions
  • No set-up costs and no long term contracts
  • Free to issue Instant Invoices
  • Easy for and loved by business' customers (pay by credit card or ACH)

Studio Owners

CrossFit Studios, Cycling Studios, Fitness Studios and more. we've allowed them to scale their operation by simplifying their operations, setting up their students for automatic payments, and making reconciliation painless.


if you're an independent tutor or small tutoring company, we have helped hundreds of tutors become more official with our branded portal, grow  their revenue and scale their operation with our time-solving features.

Dog Walkers/Trainer

We’ve taken the “side” out of side hustle for 100’s of dog walkers and trainers. We’ve given them the ability to accept digital payments, add credibility with branded payment portals, set up automatic payments to make their business a breeze.

Athletic Coaches

Independent coaches love Finli! We’ve given them the ability to accept digital payments, set up automatic payments for consistent clients to streamline their operational hiccups.


You’re on your own. We’ve been there! Finli gives soloprenuers the one thing they lack. TIME!
 We give solopreneurs the ability to improve organization, reduce mundane admin tasks, manage communication, and set up automatic payments to save time & grow revenue.


An absolutely no brainer. If you’re losing out on 3% when you invoice your clients, then you’re just wasting money. We help freelancers, among other things, reduce the 3% transaction fee that they’re charged on every invoice, to increase their net revenue. We also give them a variety of other features, including automatic payments to save time and scale their revenue.


Similar to freelancers, our consultants have knocked it out of the park with Finli. By setting up automatic payments and reducing their transaction fees from 3% to 0% they’re able to keep much more revenue in their pocket, allowing their businesses to scale up.

Business & Life Coaches

Another no brainer account. If you’re getting 97% of your revenue after transaction fees, you’re losing money. With Finli, business & life coaches get 100% of their revenue, and with the addition of automatic payments, they’re able to keep more of that money in their pocket, allowing their business to scale quicker.


Users agree that Finli helps run their business more efficiently.


Users say that Finli helps organize their lead and client data in one place.


Users saw an increase in clients by using Finli.

How am I paid?

Once the first payment goes through for the business you referred, we will email you a $50 Amazon gift card and the business will receive their statement credit.  It's as simple as that!

Finli helps small businesses get paid.

Qualified referrals may experience one or more of these pain points:

  • Service-based business that could benefit from recurring invoices
  • Handwritten invoices or not invoicing at all
  • Using "expensive" invoicing tools such as Quickbooks
  • Collecting funds by Venmo, cash, checks, and/or Zelle
  • Budget conscious
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